Nike Women Product Stories


Nike Women’s Product Stories are a set of style guides for women shopping the latest Nike apparel.  Our brief was to reimagine Product Stories with an industry leading mobile first experience.  Guide her with the right services at the right time, within the ultimate shoppable experience.


I led the experience design on mobile for 3 major campaigns leading up to the olympics.  This involved consumer insights, modular page design, journeys and prototyping.



The project began by researching behavioural trends and diving into previous consumer research conducted by Mindshare. From this I identified 4 key user types for the Nike Product Stories:


I also did a competitor and industry analysis of mobile web and native app shopping tools.  This helped to identify the benchmark for Nike Women and determine our core objectives:

  • Portable: We give her the services she needs, when and where she needs it.

  • Personal: We cater to her individual needs, giving her relevant inspiration and social validation across multiple touchpoints.

  • Comprehensive: We turn Product Stories into her one-stop shopping experience.

Looking at competitors and industry disruptors, I examined the best ways to make shopping on mobile, simple, easy and fast to get to checkout.


From the consumer needs I was able to redefine a page structure that supported our girls in their journey to purchase, and could be consistently applied to all campaigns.

The existing structure was a very linear editorial structure focused on selling individual products, which lead the user in multiple directions.

Instead, I modified the page layout to create a much more engaging and immersive experience.  Providing the user with the right information, services and tools for one stop shop to meet their every need.

One of the key barriers to the purchase experience was all the pages the user had to go through before being able to add the item to their basket.  As a result I focused on the most simple and direct way to add a look or specific item to the basket without having to leave the page.


Because each collection had a different story to tell, the page design required a flexible modular approach.  This cost effective approach to the design enabled the page to expand or contract depending on the scale of the product range and content.


Below are wires of the most complex of the 4 collections:


Using our 4 key user types, I began to draw up likely scenarios and plot journeys through the experience.


To bring the journeys to life, I made a series of low fidelity prototypes and put them into videos to help articulate our stories.

Polly Thompson