Nike Training Club 5.0


In 2016 Nike Digital Sport took the decision to redesign the already very successful Nike Training Club app and transform it into a dual gender, highly sophisticated portable training tool for the athletes of today.


As part of a 15 strong team, my role was to collaborate with Nike+ Design, AKQA designers and developer to explore, design, test and iterate on key features of the new experience.


Like all great things, we started with pen to paper.   From my pre-existing knowledge of the N+TC app experience and having completed an audit of all research to define the goals and mindsets of different consumers, I was well equipped ideate.

Our approach to the interface design was to produce as many iterations up front as possible and test out ideas, rapidly iterating as we moved forward.

I worked across several parts of the experience, by my main focus was on the workout detail page. The challenge was to simply communicate the detail of the workout whilst making key settings available and a quick entry into the experience.  Below are some of the early iterations I explored.

As wireframes evolved we began to experiment in design, collaborating closely with the creative team.  We started to consider the transitions between stages and how this changed both the function and feeling of the experience.

“Thanks so much for all of your help this week and sticking with us throughout the ride. Having your expertise and guidance was incredibly helpful!”

Michael Orenstein, Product Director, Nike+ Running


Throughout the process we were building low and high fidelity prototypes to test the experience.  Below are some of the prototypes I worked on during this time:


We did a variety of testing on the app from interviews and lab testing to handing the app to participants for a 3 week period. This continually fed back into our designs and helped define the final product.


Part of the project included a dev handover, this included detailed flows, annotations and  handing over prototypes.  Annotations were incredibly detailed, included spacing and colours.


Developed in collaboration with Nike+ Design, we worked to deliver an entirely refreshed experience for both iOS and Android.

  • Editors choice on Apple store

  • 4.8* rating on iTunes

  • 4.6* rating on play store

  • Over 15 million downloads

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Polly Thompson