Nando's digital transformation

The challenge

Having seen a period of rapid growth, Nando’s found itself in a position where it has a range of digital products and services, each with a unique identity and user experience, none truly representing the brand.

The aim was to create a unified experience across all digital channels whilst updating and improving the existing products and services. This involved looking at both the products/services, customer pain points and the business’ teams, technology and processes that were set up to deliver them.

What we are doing

We have successfully communicated the value of consistent UX and design, getting buy in to recruit and in house design team. Under our leadership, this team will define a digital visual identity and consistent UX that will be rolled out across multiple channels and services.

So far we have:

  • Redesigned the new Nando’s app and supported the in-house tech team build and launch it

  • Set up internal processes and tools for design and UX

  • Got stakeholder buying for an internal design team

  • Assisted in recruitment of a design team

  • Managed the internal design team resourcing and deliverables

  • Create connections and communication between teams operating independently of each other

We continue to assist Nando’s Chickenland UK in this period of transformation.

Polly Thompson